Grand Canyon National Park (South Rim), Arizona


Grand Canyon National Park - South Rim - this is much more populated than the North Rim.  If you want solitude then check out the North Rim in lieu of the South Rim.  The South Rim entrances are open year-round, 24 hours.

They offer a FREE shuttle bus from the visitor's center to/from Hermit's Rest.  The shuttle buses run every 10-15 minutes during the day.  Expect to have a a wait on the weekends.  They are equipped with a bike rack on the front of the bus for a few bikes (similar to those on Septa buses).  The bike rack is kinda tricky so be sure the bike rental place demonstrates how to use the bike.  If not, the bus driver will help you as a last resort but will not be thrilled about doing so.

If you prefer to take in the views at your own pace and don't mind a little exercise, you can rent a bike at the visitor's center.  Next, follow the road along the South Rim going Westbound (uphill) to Hermit's Rest.  The road is narrow in some areas, so the bicyclists MUST yield to the shuttle buses.  This means, you must completely get off the road when they are approaching! 

Be sure to bring your camera or phone for some fantastic pictures.  The further up the South Rim you go, the less phone service will be available.  Most of the time we had no service at all.  So what?  It's a gorgeous ride with many points to stop and view.  We captured most of the view points in our image gallery.  The final destination is Hermit's Rest.  When you reach Hermit's Rest you will likely see elk.  They have a small snack bar, restrooms and a place to fill your water bottle.  When you are ready to head back to the visitor's center jump on your bike (downhill) or catch the shuttle bus.  Approximately 9.5 miles from visitor's center to Hermit's Rest.



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Williams, AZ